Love at a Certain Age screenings across the country

Hi all. We're happy to say that Love at Certain Age has gotten into some outstanding film festivals for the autumn season. Not only is that great news for us, but it gives you even more opportunities to come see our film on the big screen. 

First, we'll be screening at the Salt Lake City Film Festival on September 29th at 2:50pm. View the schedule here.

Next, we'll be playing at the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival in Chagrin, OH on October 2nd at 1:45. View the schedule here.

Finally, we'll be showing at the Kansas International Film Festival in Overland Park, KS on October 5th at 12:20pm. View the schedule here

We're going to make it out to one or two of these festivals so we can promise some good Q&A antics if you come. Or if nothing else, it'll be two awkward, beardy guys answering some questions...